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Land rezoning

Land rezoning is a field that is considered to be one of the most complex fields within the real estate domain.
This is a complex process extending over years, which requires accurate business planning, financial stamina and extensive legal knowledge.

Our firm, which has accumulated years of experience in the field, is one of the few law firms that specializes and lead in issues concerning land rezoning in Israel.



Urban renewal projects are inevitable.

For practical implementation of urban renewal projects, extensive know-how of the municipal domain is required, while understanding the developers’ needs and constraints in such projects.

Additionally, understanding the constraints, needs and sensitivities of residents is required, as well as the ability to bridge the gaps between the developers and residents.

Our firm is one of the leading firms within the urban renewal domain in general, and particularly within the evacuation-construction domain.

Our firm has been and is accompanying developers, as well as residents, in a large number of complex projects in the evacuation-construction domain nationwide.


National Outline Plan 38 (TAMA 38)

The National Outline Plan 38 (TAMA 38) is intended to enable strengthening buildings that do not comply with the Standard for earthquake-resistant structures. The Plan enables obtaining building permits for strengthening structures as well as construction additions, while obtaining significant tax reliefs and exemptions, in order to create an incentive to strengthen buildings.

Handling TAMA 38 issues requires vast legal knowledge and experience, as it is necessary to protect the rights of the residents residing in their apartments vis-a-vis the developer’s/contractor’s interests. Such are apartments serving the residents for housing and there is a vital need for selecting the right contractor who will execute the building strengthening process, with maximal protection of the resident’s rights in initiating the process and realization thereof.

Our firm specializes in representing and accompanying both developers and residents, already at the stage of initial negotiations, up until completion of the project and amending the condominium order.

Our firm has extensive experience in projects executed pursuant to TAMA 38, including its amendments, which had been successfully executed and completed.


Planning & building and building licensing

Our firm specializes in the design and maximal utilization of building rights, obtaining building permits and renewing building permits.

Additionally, our firm specializes in handling nonconforming use and business licensing.

Our firm’s staff also specializes in representing, in various courts, defendants who are accused of planning and building offenses.


Commercial - civil law

The commercial department at the Gindi - Caspi Law Firm provides ongoing legal advice to private and public companies in all areas of commercial - civil law. The aforementioned legal advice includes, among other things, ongoing legal advice in the corporate structure domain, contractual relations within the company and vis-a-vis third parties, establishment of companies and associations, company secretariats, mergers and acquisitions including within the framework of land associations.

Among the Gindi - Caspi law Firm’s customers may be found commercial companies, municipal companies as well as various associations and organizations.

Our firm wishes to note and emphasize that management of a corporation and business in itself holds various challenges on a number of levels, such as: The legal level, the business level, drawing good and correct business agreements and making the right decisions under the circumstances of each matter. In light of the said challenges, and in order to know how to navigate wisely between all of the options and challenges so that the business will thrive and flourish - legal and business experience as well as understanding are required, as such are expressed in our firm.

Attorney Nati Rosenzweig is the director of the commercial - civil department.


Municipal taxation

Gindi - Caspi Law Firm specializes in municipal taxation issues, as part of which it represents many taxpayers vis-a-vis local authorities in matters concerning development fees and levies (streets / pavements / sewage / channeling), municipal property tax assessments and betterment levies.

Real estate transactions

The Gindi - Caspi Law Firm has been accompanying contract projects for many years, including purchase and sale of land plots, combination transactions, accompaniment agreements vis-a-vis banks, consulting agreements, performance agreements, insurance agreements, registration at the Land Registry Bureau, parceling registration, consolidation and division, common houses, partnership agreements, etc.

Land taxation

Over the years our firm has gained extensive experience and know-how in all related to the tax aspects in many types of real estate transactions, including:

Purchase and sale of brand new and second-hand apartments, transfers for no consideration, combination transactions, contracting companies, assisting TAMA 38 purchase groups, evacuation-construction, land unions, consolidation and division, rezoning.

Attorney (CPA) Michael Miller is the director of the land taxation department.


Sale / purchase / leasing transactions

The Gindi - Caspi Law Firm has been accompanying purchasers and sellers of second-hand apartments, tenants and lessors for many years, assisting the client already at the negotiations stage up until the registration of rights.


The litigation department at our firm has been established with the understanding and recognition that in order to provide high-quality advice to a client it is required to assess the manner in which the court will address the issue and accordingly plan our moves wisely. After all, at the end of the day the court has the ultimate authority to rule on disputes that had not been resolved amicably. We believe that without a professional and strong litigation department, it is impossible to achieve the optimal results for the client.

In the spirit of these principles the litigation department at our firm has been established, representing first-class clients at all of the legal instances and administrative tribunals, including arbitration proceedings, appeal committees as well as financial - contractual disputes, shareholder disputes, class actions, administrative law petitions, and mainly within the real estate domain including all of its aspects - the firm’s leading field of expertise.

At the litigation department of our firm, we invest our best and maximal efforts in each and every case and each and every client, as we believe in meticulously studying the little details of the case prior to formulating a strategy for dealing with the challenges we face on our way in handling a litigation case. We attribute great importance to the client’s privacy, the quality of legal argumentation and writing, as well as to the availability of the attorneys at the department; understanding and being grateful that our clients chose to entrust us with their affairs, many times their most critical affairs.


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