Attorney Ya’akov Gindi

- Founder -



Land rezoning
Urban renewal
Planning & building / building licensing
Commercial - civil law
Municipal taxation
Real estate transactions
Sale / purchase / leasing transactions


Bachelor's degree in law from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Attorney Ya’akov Gindi is the firm's founder and senior partner, and is one of the leading attorneys in the  real estate field in Israel
For 45 years, Attorney Ya’akov (Kobi) Gindi has been and is one of the leading attorneys in the real estate field in Israel. Attorney Gindi has an excellent reputation as being one of Israel's leading experts in the field. For decades, Attorney Gindi has been consulting and assisting construction companies and contracting companies, the leading in their activities in Israel and abroad. The vast legal advice engages in both the applicative aspect as well as the strategic aspect, incorporating economic feasibility examination of the projects up until completion thereof.

Attorney Gindi’s name is associated with hundreds of real estate projects in Israel in general and particularly in the city of Rishon Le’zion.

Attorney Gindi serves as the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Israeli Symphony Orchestra Rishon Le’Zion, and chairman of the orchestra’s foundation. Additionally, Attorney Gindi is the Shmuel Ha’Rofe Hospital Helsinki Committee public representative.

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