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Gindi - Caspi Law Firm had been established in 1972 and specializes in the real estate domain including all of its aspects.

Our firm has vast experience and high level expertise in accompanying real estate transactions of all types, and it provides comprehensive legal solutions in the real estate, planning and building as well as commercial law fields.

Our firm accompanies dozens of companies leading evacuation-construction, condensation-construction, land rezoning projects and development agreements. Additionally, our firm is involved in private, commercial and industrial transactions, representing developers and investors, accompanying purchase groups, executing combination transactions, representing tenant committees and developers in transactions within the framework of National Outline Plan 38 (TAMA 38), and more.

Gindi - Caspi is an entrepreneurial firm providing its clients with value added services. The service basket the firm provides goes beyond legal advice and includes comprehensive business assistance in transactions, while examining the economic feasibility in the real estate, taxation, marketing, architectural and other aspects.

The extensive experience and know-how that had been accumulated over the years, as well as the ability to see and analyze the business map - real estate in whole, enables the Gindi - Caspi firm to identify business opportunities in Israel and abroad, accompany complex projects over years and maximize the transaction’s profitability for its clients.

Among the firm’s clients are included, as well as others, real estate owners, companies and service providers within the real estate domain (architects, engineering design companies, etc.) as well as some of the largest and long-established companies in Israel, initiating and operating in real estate and infrastructure projects in Israel and abroad.

The firm’s staff consists of 18 attorneys led by the firm's founders, Attorneys Ya’akov Gindi and Ziv Caspi, among the most senior and experienced attorneys in Israel within the real estate sector concerning planning and building matters. The firm staff’ comradeship and its deep commitment to serving and to the success of its clients constitute the guiding light for the intensive action, which has been accompanying the firm's activities for more than 40 years.


The firm's vision

Professional and comprehensive care of the firm’s clients, already at the stage of reviewing the transaction or project, with all of its aspects, including the planning, proprietary and business aspects, holding negotiations, representation vis-a-vis the relevant authorities, including aspects concerning bank funding up until the completion of the transaction or project, with all of their legal and taxation aspects.

The firm aims to quickly identify unique niches within the areas it engages in and lead such on the national level. For example, the purchase groups at the time such were trending, along with the urban renewal and land rezoning domain, presently.


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