Attorney Ziv Caspi

- Founder -



Land rezoning
Urban renewal
Planning & construction / building licensing
Real estate transactions


Bachelor's degree in law from the Tel Aviv University.
Attorney Ziv Caspi is the firm's founder and senior partner, and is one of the leading attorneys in the  real estate field in Israel
Engages in consulting and accompanying complex real estate transactions in Israel and abroad, leading ventures within the urban renewal domain, and is an expert in real estate venture development for his clients - construction companies, contracting companies and entrepreneurial companies, the leading in their activities in Israel and abroad.

Additionally, Attorney Caspi has special expertise in the field of land rezoning as well as vast experience in the agricultural sector activities vis-a-vis all of the systems and authorities, including vis-a-vis the Israel Lands Administration.
Attorney Caspi heads the firm's foreign desk, and coordinates all of the firm’s activities abroad. Additionally, Attorney Caspi serves as a member and advisor to entities and authorities within the areas of his expertize at the planning and building committee of the Israeli Bar Association.

Due to his vast activities within the urban renewal field, including his involvement in legislation proceedings, government meetings and promoting the field, Attorney Caspi has been appointed to serve as chairman of the Israel Bar Association’s urban renewal committee.

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