Attorney Shai Keidar

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Accompanying developers and right owners in urban renewal projects
Criminal and administrative litigation in issues concerning planning and construction, business licensing, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, municipal taxation, municipal property taxes, development fees and levies, betterment levies, etc.


Bachelor's degree in law LL.B from the Academic College of Law

Master’s in business administration M.B.A from the Business Administration School, at the  College of Management Academic Studies

City council member at the Regional Council “Gan Raveh” engages in consulting and assisting developers and right owners in transactions within the urban renewal domain (evacuation - construction).
Attorney Keidar represents companies and individuals at courts in issues concerning planning and construction, business licensing and the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Including: Indictments for offenses under the Planning and Building Law and the Business Licensing Law, including challenging administrative and judicial orders issued by virtue of the Planning and Building Law and the Business Licensing Law.

Attorney Keidar accompanies his clients through proceedings for obtaining building permits, and nonconforming use at the local planning and building committees. As part of the aforesaid, he represents them at objections and appeal hearings at district committees or administrative petitions against the rulings of the planning and building committees.

Attorney Keidar enjoys great success in attacking rulings issued by the planning authorities in administrative petitions at district courts serving as Courts of Administrative affairs.

Attorney Keidar successfully handles for his clients municipal taxation issues, including reducing municipal property tax charges, development levies and fees, betterment taxes, etc.

Attorney Keidar is a member of the planning and building, business licensing and urban renewal committees of the Israel Bar Association.

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