Attorney Sarit Sapir

- Lawyer -



Purchase groups
Commercial assets sale transactions


The College of Management Academic Studies, Bachelor’s degree in law (LL.B) cum laude (2015)


A member of the Israel Bar Association since 2016
Attorney Sarit Sapir is active in our firm since 2014 and has completed her internship at our firm. Following her ordination as an attorney, Attorney Sarit joined our firm.
As part of her practice, Attorney Sarit Sapir is involved in real estate transactions in various fields, such as: Residential projects within the framework of TAMA 38, purchase groups and commercial assets sale transactions.

Attorney Sarit takes part in managing transactions in various additional fields and holding negotiations in the various transactions, including provision of legal advice and accompaniment throughout the ordinary course of the company's business. 

Sarit is the editor-in-chief of our firm’s law journal, “Din Venadlan”, which features articles on selected topics concerning legislation, case law and current events within the law domain, especially in the real estate fields.

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